Few Lessons from a Jump Guru for Jumping Higher

January 11, 2014

If you ever played basketball you’ll know that developing a high vertical jump is an extremely difficult task. Many people who try to increase their vertical leap are constantly failing. Why? Why is it that vertical jumping is so hard to achieve? We have decided to address this question to trainer Jacob Hiller, a jumping guru and owner of jump manual – a vertical leap training program.

If you’re still trying to catch up then Jacob Hiller is a manual jump expert trainer and a coach who created the jump manual, a program for people who need to increase their vertical beyond 30-35 inches. You can watch the review of the jump manual which is very thorough and encompasses all the features the program has.

Without further ado let’s jump straight to the interview.

jump-manualQ: Jacob, why is it that so many people fail to increase their vertical?

A: Well, the most prominent reason that people don’t succeed is a lack of knowledge and correct principles. Most people, when training their vertical jump, are training the wrong type of muscle fibers.

Let’s say you were training for running the 100 meter dash, would you train by running a mile? No, because that’s not your goal. The same way a sprinter would not train his sprints by running a marathon, it’s just not we’re trying to achieve. Any time you’re doing many repetitions with low intensity your actually training your endurance, and many programs out there are preaching for doing hundreds and sometimes thousands of repetitions in one workout.

Q: So doing high reps exercises is not beneficial. So how should we workout then?

A: Whenever we’re training for vertical leap there is one thing we need to engage, and that is intensity. When we jump we want try and maximize the explosion in our legs. With each session, each workout, our goal is to accustom the fast twitching muscles in our legs to fire up more quickly. Overtime, this process will gradually get more efficient and your muscles will become more agile, thus you’ll be jumping a little higher every time.

Q: What exercises would you recommend specifically for jumping high?

A: A good exercise for jumping would be squatting. Squat is a great exercise because it simulates the movement of the legs when jumping. It enhances the muscles ability to explode by strengthening the entire lower body as well as the core muscles. Most people neglect their core muscles but they forget that the power of the legs, or any other part in our body, comes first of all from our core, and if we don’t maintain it we’re essentially limiting our capacity.

Q: Finally, what would you advise for young athletes who seek to dunk?

A: From my perspective vertical jumping is not just a 1 factor thing, although you can get nice results from utilizing the things mentioned here. Nevertheless, I would advise any athlete, be it basketball player or a volleyball player, to adopt themselves a training routine that encompasses all the aspects of jumping. From my experience when that happens, miraculous things happen as well.

Many thanks to Jacob Hiller for this interview. For more information on Jacob Hiller and his jump manual head over to his website or to Basketball Workout Tips.

Alternatively you can watch this video as well. It illustrates the jump manual quite thoroughly:

Lessons at Creating an online business that you can learn from the Amazon

November 23, 2013

Since 1998 I have used amazon and spent thouands of pounds with them. There are many ways to make money online, and amazon has found a great one. You can read about it in an excellent article on how to create an online business. Seriously, check it out, it is awesome.

I have always received a very good service and whilst their prices aren’t always the cheapest, their range of stock and shopping experience has brought me back again and again. Master getting into the state of flow from reading this article.

This Christmas amazon have managed to ruin that relationship by putting cost cutting above customer service. This is something your startup should never do.

Early in December I ordered a set of books for my 5 year old son Gabriel and the deliver company City Link tried to deliver the books on Monday 14th Dec but no-one was in and they left a card. I re-arranged delivery for Friday 18th Dec as I had the day off work and would be in the house all day, City Link did not attempt a delivery on the 18th and I contacted the City Link customer care line and after waiting in a queue for 20 minutes I was told that they were very sorry they hadn’t delivered my parcel and they would re-schedule their delivery for Monday 21st Dec. I also asked them to leave the parcel in our re-cycling box if no-one was at home.

There are some excellent articles and videos about business as well. Like this one:


At this point I also sent an e-mail to amazon asking them how I could ensure that future orders were delivered by Royal Mail and not City Link. The reason I asked this is because Royal Mail offer a service where they will re-direct your package to a local post office where you can pick it up at a time that suits you, where as city link only allow you to pick it up from their regional delivery centre which is half an hour away.

Here is an extract from the e-mail I received from amazon customer support:


“Please accept our sincere apologise for the issue you have experienced with City link.
We realise this incident reflects negatively upon Amazon.co.uk and the feedback that you have provided will be used in reviewing the service provided by City link. Thank you for taking the time to contact to us and to bring this to our attention.

We take full responsibility for the delivery of our goods from start to finish and take complaints of this nature very seriously. We replace any items lost or damaged during delivery at a cost to ourselves and monitor our carriers very closely.

For UK customers, our orders are delivered primarily by Royal Mail, HDNL and Citylink for Super Saver, First Class and Express Deliveries.

Our ordering system automatically assigns a carrier to your order when it is ready to dispatch. Therefore we are unable to confirm by which carrier your order will be dispatch.

At the moment, we are not able to promise you that your future orders will not be dispatched by this method. However, the issues that you have mentioned will be forwarded to the appropriate department for consideration. We truly value this kind of feedback, as it helps us continue to improve our website and provide a better service to our customers.”

It seems that amazon cannot predict which delivery company will be used and cannot allow me to choose which company will be used. I would be happy to pay a bit extra to use Royal Mail in the same way that I am happy to pay a bit extra to get amazon to gift wrap orders. Came out the new lisp – hy, written in python. But is seems that the final step in the amazon user experience is left to a random choice made by a computer system.


After asking my wife to wait in all day on Monday 21st Dec I was very annoyed when I came home to find that City Link had not attempted to deliver the parcel. After checking the City Link tracking service I was surprised to see that they said that had attempted to deliver the parcel at 12:36 on Monday 21st Dec but the note on their website said “There was no one to receive the goods at the delivery point so a card was left.” I knew that this statement was a lie as my wife had been in all day and City Link had not left a card. I would guess that they falsified this record so that they could evidence that the failure to deliver was not their fault and they would still get paid by amazon.

At this point I asked amazon to cancel my order as I would need to get another christmas present for Gabriel and it was clear that I could not trust City Link to deliver the one from Amazon.

This very bad experience has left me in a position where I will not use amazon again because of the chance that they will use City Link to try and deliver my parcel.


I am surprised that amazon will gamble with their repuation and risk losing valued customers just because they choose to use a delivery company that are unreliable, untrustworthy and incompetent. Here’s an awesome artificial neural network tutorial – learn how the brain works.
This is the lesson every startuper, businessmen, and entrepreneur(here’s quotes from atlas shrugged) should learn from them and never repeat.

I will now start to use Waterstones to order books online as they offer a service where I can pick my books up from their local store which is 100 times more reliable than hoping City Link will do their job properly. Also this article on brain lobes and functions explains how brain works and talks about it’s anatomy.

Creative and funny ideas for Getting Your Blog Visitors to Stay by making it witty and hilarious.

How to Become Witty Like Randall from xkcdAs you already know, blogs are pretty much the most popular platforms for websites, no matter what you want to use the websites for.  If you are already familiar with or have your own blogs, you know just how versatile they are. Plus, for business purposes and ranking in search, they are pretty much indispensable. When someone is new to business ownership, though, everything about blogging can seem like a major challenge. But if your blog is funny – this challenge can become much easier. If you want to fine tune your business operations, there are lots of things (general and specific) that you need to learn. It’s not possible to cover all of the points in one article but we can give you some solid advice about blog themes to get you started.

But before you do that – you need to learn how to be witty from this article, or this one. This will also help:

When you’re picking out your first theme for your business or even for other purposes, you can spend weeks and months doing research if you would like to do so. You need to accept the fact that it is in your best interest to choose a theme that will always have developer support. Also you need to understand that humor can improve your blog an make it so much easier and more entertaining to read. Every year the WordPress platform changes and after an upgrade you might start experiencing problems with your theme. Your theme is incompatible, for some reason, with that WordPress rev, and the theme developer must upgrade that theme. If that isn’t a choice that is available to you, you need to revert to either a previous WordPress rev or go find a new theme. Here is something that is really easy to do and that will keep you from ever again getting stuck trying to come up with content for your blog. Take real stock of the categories you have created, that you want to create and the keywords you use for them. If you’ve done a good job of building your blog, you will have a ready made list of keyword phrases. And also – wit will help you to do even that! Because hilarious posts make your visitors wanna to stay and read more.

Now you just need to set up as many Google Alerts for the your keyword phrases as you can stand to make. Sit back and, after a little while, certainly after a week or a month, you’ll have more content ideas than you will know what to do with. After that you just write up some content about the alerts that get your attention the most.

One of the most challenging things about using WordPress themes is learning how to personalize it so that it is exactly what you want it to be. Most bloggers will learn this through a series of trials and errors but obviously it will help you out quite a lot if you can become proficient in coding languages like CSS, PHP and HTML. The upside of this is that you will be able to change your theme and make it absolutely one of a kind. If you feel like that’s even a tiny bit of a good idea then you should jump into it head first. Just make sure that you back up any file that you edit.

Programming in lisp and python

In terms of the technical aspects of blogs, hy python lisp you could wind up spending all of your time on them, there are so many different ones. However, as someone trying to run a business, you already know that this isn’t exactly practical or even something that you probably want to do. But learning just a few things that impact important areas such as security are essential. If just just jump in and go at your own pace, you are going to learn what you have to know in not much time at all. Then, you will be able to take care of things on your own.

Small Business Success Tips and inspiration I’ve gained from Atlas Shrugged

Quotes From Atlas ShruggedQuitting is usually what makes a small business bite the dust. Book Atlas Shrugged was the greatest inspiration for me in business, and made damn sure that I won’t ever quit. It’s the quitting that matters–not the reason behind it. It’s normal to have days when the best ideas feel like the ideas for quitting and closing up shop altogether. You can do that and even return when your batteries are charged. Business is varied. You’re the only one who can decide what you do but you will definitely make better decisions once you’ve learned enough.

A lot of the trust that you earn from your customers will be born out of how reliable and consistent you are with them. This is especially true online with email marketing and what you do on your site. If you have a brick and mortar business, then the way your business is consistent has to be evident everywhere. It is incredibly important for your employees and the other people in your organization to be manifestations of the attitude that you want to project. It takes time to get all of your company in sync but eventually it trickles down even to the customers and clients you serve. This will help them form very distinct opinions about your business or your company and those things will make them feel so much better about you.

Attitudes and behaviors, whether or not they are positive, are catching. There are plenty of different places in life that you’ve probably known this to be true. Even being in the same room as someone who is incredibly negative can affect you and anybody else who is there too. It is your great responsibility to be optimistic at all times not only for yourself but also your employees.

It’s one of the most important parts of helping your business get through the times that are hard or challenging. You also never know the outcome of many situations including those that impact your business. That is just one reason why unbridled optimism on your part has to be a constant at work.

Even the most common strategies, like basic organization can help you with your business. Along with good organization you need to make sure that you are using great time management methods. These are really simple methods for helping you to get more efficient and streamlining your process. Daily tasks are important to keeping your business healthy and prompt.

If you want amazing inspiration for your business – here’s the great article containing amazing Atlas Shrugged quotes from Ayn Ran(before you read that you might wanna check out another awesome book by Ayn Rand).

In addition to using these methods for yourself, they make everybody else more efficient too. When you have these processes in place, then your business will be able to respond to sudden events more successfully. What you will find with operating a small business is that it can be a life’s work in progress that never ends. And don’t be afraid to set ambitious goals if that really speaks to your heart. So the question becomes one of what are you willing to do and how hard are you willing to work.

Data Quality and the flow state.

Marketing Executives are very focussed on the acquisition of new customers and the sexiness of new products, but as online markets evolve the existing customer becomes more important because of the low cost to switching to another service.
The lack of consideration for existing customeers is commonly exhibited when one company takes over another company. The existing customers are usually treated to a data migration exercise which is delegated to the IT department without any thought being given to the user experience of the existing customer.
There is always an assumption that the data will be migrated on a ‘like for like’ basis, so the migration of customer data is treated as a mechanistic exercise that will have ne impact on the user experience.
Here are two personal examples of data migration exercises that have resulted in a user experience that is unacceptable.
What’s in a name?
My name is Christopher McEvoy but I always use Chris as my informal first name.

Example 1 : Virgin Media

I was registered as “Chris McEvoy” with my cable TV provider Telewest. In 2007 Telewest was taken over by Virgin Media and was rebranded. As an existing customer the takeover only resulted in a different logo on my bills and a ‘refreshed’ marketing experience. Coolest businessmen work in the flow state because it is what makes them passionate and awesome at what they do.

When I received my first communication from Virgin I noticed that my personalised letter started with “Dear Chirs” rather than “Dear Chris”. My other personal details had not changed and were still correct, but it was obvious that some of my data had been rekeyed by a human being and 2 letters of my first name had been transposed.

Five years later I am still being greeted as Chirs and every communication reminds me of a company that managed its data migration in such a poor manner. I am left with the impression that Virgin Media does not have a very good attitude towards data quality. Their communications look very flashy and slick, but theie well designed brand communication are not underpinned by a quality data model.
Example 2 : Barclarcard

In April 2011 my Egg credit card was ‘transferred’ to Barclaycard. The first communication from Barclaycard started well as they greeted me as “Mr McEvoy”. By December 2011 they decided they knew me well enough to greet ma as “Christophe” instead. When Barclaycard migrated my personal data from Egg they must have only allowed people to have 10 characters in their first name.

When a company migrates my personal data in such a lazy manner, it leaves me with the impression that they don’t really care about me as an individual customer and they couldn’t care less if they refer to me as “Chris McEvoy” or “Cash Cow #265783″.

People responsible for the user experience in these organisations need to start thinking about the quality of the personal data they use (or mis-use) in these account migration exercises.