Since both the state and central government refuse to end the corruption, nepotism and abuse of power of powerful government employees, people are increasingly uncertain about their future and job creation has also declined. . Instead of taking the feedback in a positive manner to improve the system and conditions, the person complaining is defamed as being unpatriotic or in some cases mentally unsound

So it was not suprising that the car sales in india, reported a 26% decline in may 2019, one of the largest declines in the last few years according to media reports. Purchasing a car is a major investment for most indians, and if they are not sure that they will have any income after a few years, they will think twice about purchasing a car or any other vehicle.

Power corrupts and when great power is given to LAZY LIARS, FRAUDS , the economy of the country will suffer. The domain investor had contacted a lawyer trying to end the atrocities she has been subjected to since 2010 and she told him that the major problem was that people were not believing her, though she was telling the truth, which she could legally prove. The honest and kind lawyer told her, that the indian intelligence and security agencies are experts at misleading people, so that no one would believe or trust her, she would find it impossible to get any kind of help

This website will give information about the techniques used for causing confusion and misleading people, to help other indian citizens