One of the most dangerous frauds in the indian internet sector is the LIAR NTRO employee parmar who makes false statements to ruthlessly destroy the life of innocent hardworking domain investors .

This is not based on the personal experience of the domain investor alone, some comments were posted on that he was lacking ethics and another mumbai based internet company also verbally told the domain investor that the lives of many people who did business with his parmar’s company was destroyed and she should be careful.

The cunning shameless cruel LIAR ntro employee parmar, knows a large number of people, is criminally defaming hardworking honest domain investors, spreading completely fake rumors that they are cheating people, without providing any kind of information to the domain investor who he is criminally defaming. The domain investor is never given any kind of contact details of the person who claims to be cheated so that she can defend herself

For example, it is very easy for a person to prove that he or she was at home, or with her family members, and has never interacted with the LIAR FRAUD friends of cunning liar parmar, who falsely claim to be cheated. Yet the cunning ruthless LIAR parmar will tell a large number of people the FALSE STORIES OF SHAMELESS LIAR CHEATER FRIENDS criminally defaming the domain investor and ruining her life.

It is a reflection of the widespread rot in indian society and government that everyone believes the FALSE STATEMENTS of the LIAR CUNNING CRUEL ntro employee parmar, no one is asking him why his LIAR FRAUD friends cannot provide any PROOF OF PAYMENT 10 YEARS to the domain investor after they started this fraud , why he is not providing any details to the domain investor, so that she can defend herself