In a clear indication of the worsening condition of educated women, especially those with a good JEE rank in India , despite falsely claiming that a SCHOOL DROPOUT gujju housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, illegally married at 16, CALL GIRLS like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, ROBBERS like veena, riddhi caro nayak, CHEATERS like nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, ruchika king who did not answer JEE, were his btech 1993 ee classmate to get them raw/cbi jobs , fraud director puneet j faces no professional or social censure at all

The incompetent and inefficient indian government continues to waste indian taxpayer money paying a monthly raw/cbi salary to all the SUGAR BABIES of the fraud puneet j and other liar cheater ntro employees, and defames, cheats and exploit the 1989 jee goa topper, an experienced single woman engineer who was sexually harassed, cheated, exploited and tortured for the last 9 years, wasting more than Rs 36 crore of indian taxpayer money, Rs 4 crore annually

It is a reflection of the lack of honesty, humanity and integrity in indian society and government that the harmless hardworking engineer who has been SEXUALLY HARASSED, CHEATED AND TORTURED by the cruel animal like ntro employees finds it almost impossible to get any kind of help or justice while the BANKING FRAUDSTER LIAR ROBBER ntro/raw/cbi employees continue with their great FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD, and are supported by google, tata since 2010